Close to 40 delegates attended the 2010 National conference in Arnprior, Ontario. Everyone enjoyed this year’s theme of run and not grow weary, walk and not faint.”  

On Wednesday, everyone had the opportunity to meet other delegates from across Canada over refreshments provided by our host guild Petawawa. That evening, we played a number of games to ‘break the ice’ and allow new friendships to develop.

Our National President Valerie Lublink introduced our theme and explained that if we are going to run and not grow weary, walk and not faint we must do six things.  We must pay attention to training, remember that we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, throw off anything that hinders, keep our eyes on the goal, remember that rules matter and remember that perseverance is crucial

Nancy Larkin and Rachel Patten, from the Trenton guild, helped us find practical application to these principles, through a series of well crafted exercises.  Rachel was one of our seven delegates who were under 30!!

We tested our knowledge of the Bible and the Guild with a game of guild Jeopardy prepared by Patty Tibbel.  Later that same day we enjoyed a campfire that got quite lively with a round of “There ain’t no flies on us!”

During the AGM, as well as taking care of important business, we were happy to have Padre Karl McLean, the Principal Chaplain (P) address us.   Later on that day, we enjoyed a visit from Padre Dave Kettle, our Chaplain General.  Our Chaplain Advisor, Bonnie Mason, introduced the importance of a mission and vision statement for our guilds. We also enjoyed a presentation by Debbie Thomas (Shearwater Guild) encouraging us to Wait upon the Lord.  That evening we enjoyed skits and the Mystery Auction where a dozen cookies sold for $20. We raised over $800 with just one auction!

On Saturday morning we participated in a spiritual Volksmarsch.  This was a highlight for many of our guild members, and it involved 6 spiritual checkpoints at different locations both outside and inside the conference centre.  That afternoon Rachel (Trenton) led a workshop on the spirituality of service in which we all participated. 

Padre Bonnie led a beautiful communion service, during which we presented Life Memberships to three Guild members, Carol Richardson (Greenwood), Janet Prescott (Winnipeg) and Ruby Reedman (Edmonton).

Saturday ended with a banquet and a visit from the Good ‘Ole Boys from Ottawa.  They delighted us with their music, adding a new Elvis number due to a special request made at conference last year.  

Then, it was time to say goodbye and take the lessons we had learned back to our Guilds.  Those who were able attended the Ottawa Chapel service while others began their journey home.  All in all it was a great conference!

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