The Protestant Chapel Guild National Executive 2015-2017 

Dana Rittenhouse (Past-President), Debra Poley (President), Kathryn Scandrett (Secretary), Kristin Mills (Vice-President), Carol Sollows (Treasurer), Lt. Col. Barb Putnam, Principal Protestant Chaplain

Roles and Objectives

The role of the national Executive of the Protestant Chapel Guild shall be to:

  1. Coordinate the inter-relationships between Protestant Chapel Guilds in Protestant Chapels of the Canadian Forces;
  2. Be the means by which devotional materials, program ideas and support for common financial appeals may be shared and coordinated with other Guilds;
  3. Purchase common supplies/Guild materials for distribution to individual Guilds;
  4. Arrange and conduct annual national meetings of the Protestant Chapel Guild;
  5. Support individual Guilds to fulfill their mandate of Christian witness, service, fellowship and spiritual growth in the Canadian Forces community;
  6. Work in close cooperation with the office of the Chaplain General to promote moral, spiritual and personal growth of women in the Canadian Forces community and the spread of Christian love throughout the world; and
  7. Liaise with the National denominational churches’ women’s organizations.


  1. The members of the National Executive of the Protestant Chapel Guild shall be:
    1. Members of a local Guild and attending a Canadian Forces Chapel.
    2. Members must be present at the National Annual meeting to be nominated for a position on the Executive.
    3. The offices of the National Executive shall include:
      Past-President, and
      Chaplain Advisor from the Chaplain Branch
    4. The positions of President and Vice-President must be held by active military or spouse of active military.
    5. The positions of Treasurer and Secretary may be filled by active military, spouse of active military, retired military, spouse of retired military or an associate member. A maximum of one retired member or spouse of retired member and one associate member may serve on the National Executive at any time.

      Note – An associate member must meet the following criteria: They are members who are posted to or located in an area where there isn’t an active Guild and must be active members of a local faith community. If the service member/spouse is released or retired then the associate member must change her member status to retired status.

Terms of Office

  1. The length of service in any one office of the National Executive shall normally be two years. (see Guild Manual page 46 for exception)

Duties of National Executive Officers


  1. Shall preside at all meetings of the Executive. Executive meetings shall be held at least once per year.
  2. Shall be the final authority (in consultation with the Office of the Chaplain General) in interpreting and enforcing the constitution of the Protestant Chapel Guild.
  3. Shall direct (with support of other members of the Executive and in consultation with the Office of the Chaplain General) the planning and conduct of the National Protestant Chapel Guild meeting.
  4. Shall fill by appointment any Executive officer’s unexpired term after consultation with the remaining members of the Executive.


  1. Shall support the President in the performance of her duties.
  2. Shall substitute for the President whenever necessary.
  3. Shall keep an up to date Guild history.
  4. Shall keep the Guild membership honour roll.


  1. Shall keep an accurate record of all business transacted at Executive and Annual meetings.
  2. Shall distribute pertinent information from these meetings to all Chapel Guilds.
  3. Shall receive, record and reply to correspondence received on behalf of the National Executive.


  1. Shall receive and hold in a bank account all monies received on behalf of the National Executive
  2. Shall pay all accounts as authorized by the National Executive and/or the National Guild at its annual meeting. The Guild account requires at least two signatures, but it is advisable to require two of three signatures.
  3. Shall maintain financial records subject to periodic audit (annually and at the time of a change in treasurers).
  4. Shall prepare an annual statement for approval at the National Guild meeting.
  5. Shall be in charge of Kit Shop.

Past President

  1. Shall be an ex-officio (non-voting) member, acting in an advisory capacity to the Executive.

Chaplain Advisor

  1. Shall be appointed from the office of the Chaplain General.
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