The Canadian Forces Protestant Chapel Guild

What is a Guild?
The Protestant Chapel Guild is a group of women within the Protestant Chapel, who work and fellowship together, for the purpose of supporting their chapel, their military community, wider missions and, importantly, each other.  This support can be physical (e.g. care of communion vessels), monetary (e.g. raising money for local projects or missions) or spiritual (e.g. praying for one another, the chapel etc.).

Why Join the Guild?
While it is possible to attend Guild meetings without ever being a member, becoming one has advantages for the individual, their local Guild and the National Guild.

The individual who joins the Guild becomes a member of an organization which exists on many bases across the Canadian Forces.  On arriving at a new posting, Guild membership provides an immediate point of contact with the new community.  Furthermore, Guild membership allows the individual to attend the yearly Guild Conference, where she will have the opportunity to learn and to share ideas with like-minded women from across the Canadian Forces.

For the local Guild, individual membership is important, as there must be a minimum of three official members for a Protestant Chapel Guild to exist.

The membership dues are sent to the National Guild Executive, where they aid in offsetting the costs of this executive, including the preparation of the National Conference.

Protestant Chapel Guild Logo
The Chapel Guild logo was designed by Guild Member, Donna-Marie Milne, who was stationed at CFB Moose Jaw, Sask.  The outline is the shape of the fish to indicate that first of all we, the members of the Guild, are followers of Christ.  In the center is the cross, upon which our lives are centred.  The cross has been stylized to form the P for Protestant.  Upon this P hang the letters C and G to indicate the Chapel Guild.  The background is a royal blue colour with the cross and letters in white.  The cross and the letters are outlined in silver.

Guild Prayer
The Guild prayer can be used at Guild meetings, on Guild Sunday or in one's own prayer time.

           Almighty God, by grace alone You call us and accept us in Your service.  Strengthen
           us by Your Spirit to carry out our responsibilities and duties as members of the
           Protestant Chapel Guild and make us worthy of Your call.  Make us aware of and ready
           to respond to the needs of those around us.  This we ask in the name of Jesus

           our Lord and Saviour.            Amen.

Guild Motto
The Guild motto is:  Faith, Fellowship, Service

Vision Statement 

We are a Canadian Forces-wide movement of Guild members who focus on personal spiritual growth, deep fellowship with our local Guild members and loving, active community service, seeking out tangible opportunities to minister to our military communities as well as local and global communities.

Mission Statement

To offer spiritual, emotional and financial support to our Guilds, Chapel and military communities as well as local and global missions using our individual gifts, talents and combined strengths as local Guilds and a national organization.



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