National Conference

Traditionally, National and Regional Guild Conferences have been held on bases/wings/stations and used many of the supports already in place there.Today’s military is a very different milieu.Budgets are not as flexible, resources are less plentiful, and taskings are at a peak.This creates a situation where the Chaplain team and hosting Guild are faced with many difficulties as they try to access supports that are already struggling to meet the operational demands of the military.

Since 2008 our conferences have been held in a Retreat Centre.This venue change creates new roles for the National Executive and the host Guild.

The National Executive is responsible for the planning and execution of the annual conference.The Executive will delegate responsibilities to the host Guild and other Local Guilds following consultation.

The National Executive will:

  1. Set the date and agenda
  2. Select the venue
  3. Approve a host Guild (please note that the venue may not be in the same geographical location as the host Guild)
  4. Select the theme
  5. Select and book a key-note speaker/workshop leaders (costs must be built into the registration fee)
  6. Set the registration fee
  7. Ensure that all costs are built into registration fee (guests, speakers, music etc)
  8. Invite guests to the formal opening and banquet
  9. Ensure that there will be a pianist, organist or music director for conference and work with this person to develop the music program
  10. Make arrangements for a group photograph to be taken
  11. Delegate tasks to Local Guilds (devotions, workshops, craft etc)
  12. Inform host Guild regarding their responsibilities
  13. Provide conference information to all members (regular, life and associate)
  14. Request that registration forms and fee be sent to the National Treasurer (Treasurer will send a list of delegates to the President)
  15. Provide host Guild with a list of delegates including arrivals and departures
  16. Ensure that ground transportation needs are met (to and from airport etc)
  17. Arrange for any decorations
  18. Ensure that all conference bills are paid as soon as possible
  19. Provide gifts for speakers as appropriate
  20. Write and send thank you notes as appropriate as soon as possible following the conference
  21. Arrive one day prior to the start of conference to allow for an Executive meeting and to prepare for arrival of the delegates

The Host Guild

The role of the host Guild will vary depending on geographical location of the Guild and the conference venue.The National Executive will work with the host Guild to determine which tasks will be undertaken by the Guild.A retreat centre provides all meals, snacks, accommodations, and meeting space.The host Guild is then free concentrate on tasks related to activities/programming, decorations, special snacks etc.Arrangements can be made for the transportation of materials, within reason, via military mail.

Delegates Expenses

The following proposal has been approved by the Principal Chaplain (P) and distributed to all Chapel Life Coordinators.Please note that this is a recommended guideline – not a directive.

National Guild Executive Proposal

14 August 2007

Local Guild Delegate Expenses for Annual Guild Conference

  1. A minimum of two (2) delegates from each local Guild to be sponsored for the total cost of attending conference (conference fees, lodging, meals, travel, incidentals).
  2. For those Guilds who either on their own or with the help of their chapel congregations cannot cover the total cost of their delegates’ expenses, the following funding formula should be considered:
    1/3 to be paid by the local Guild
    1/3 to be paid by the local Chapel Committee
    1/3 to be sponsored by the Christian Development Fund

  3. Application to the Christian Development Fund will be made by the local Guild through their CLC.

  1. Local Guilds and Chapel Committees are encouraged to advance the money that will be claimed to the Christian Development Fund to the delegate until the Christian Development Fund claim is settled.

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