Welcome to the newsletter of the Canadian Forces Protestant Chapel Guild, Signs of the Spirit! This newsletter is intended to be a forum for sharing, celebrating, supporting, and encouraging one another.  It is also hoped that the newsletter will be a vehicle for spreading God’s word and sharing information about our Guild to the military communities we live in and our broader communities as well.  You are encouraged to distribute this newsletter by email and hard copy as widely as you are able. 

Regular features of Signs of the Spirit inlcude:

  • Devotional Corner – a devotion or short bible study for personal and group use
  • Good News from our Guilds – articles submitted by local Guilds
  • Prayer Focus
  • Executive Update
  • Breaking Bread – recipes submitted by Guilds, ideally accompanied by stories


The newsletter also contains articles of interest and timely pieces of information.  It is our sincere hope that you will find this newsletter interesting, stimulating, and encouraging.  You are invited and encouraged to make submissions for consideration to the editorial team.  We look forward to your comments and submissions!


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